Listography- Knowledge

Listography is an idea, that in creating lists about random and personal hobbies, interests and opinions, we can sculpt an autobiographical collection of our thoughts, lives and ambitions.

This is my first attempt at Listography and in keeping with the theme I thought I would start with a completely random list idea, found by googling “listography ideas”.


List 1 – Thing you wish you were more knowledgable about –

1. Psychology – “The Study of the human mind and its functions.” We interact with a huge number of people everyday. We are influenced, influence others and portray our own psychological character every time we interact with someone. Why would you not want to know more about how and why humans behave in particular ways. Some do not want to indulge in this type of practise as they fear they would learn to much and therefore become over analytical, meaning they could no longer enjoy basic interactions because they are always focussing on an underlying message or theory. However, some of the worlds most successful people are those that either knowingly or subconsciously, are good at the psychology game. They are liked,they impress and appear powerful or can influence other because of how they interact. When used in the right way, this understanding could certainly help our day to day lives.

2. Philosophy – “the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.” This area may simply be opinion, myth and have many accurate or way of the mark, ideas. However, I enjoy different theories on why we are hear, how we are as we are and also questioning reality and generally thinking in a different way. Many people lives their lives without actually using their brains to their full potential, and I believe thinking in this way, with these ideas in mind is the best way to do that. It does require some heavy ready and time to invest, however I think I would greatly benefit from making the sacrifice and giving the field another attempt.

3. Science and Space – Since school it was obvious to me that the sciences were never my strongest of subjects, and simpler explanations used to be enough. However, consider the topics above about humans existence and purpose, and then how we behave in that existence, would be only scratching the surface on the topic of what its all about. I would like to understand our solar system in the detail that many great scientists do. Discovering what black holes actually are and how we believe they are created, theories on what is beyond what we can see with telescopes and current technology. To truly understand some of the science behind humans scientific discoveries would be truly insightful.

There are lots of other areas I would like to study, and build more knowledge in, however the three mentioned above are in my opinion the most fundamental and greatest concerns, consistent across the world. A common interest, shared by all.


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