Someone Else’s Island

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Someone Else’s Island.”


“If you had to send your best friend off to a remote island, what five items would you give him?”

I have had a think about this one… and I think I have to take a slightly different approach to the many I have read. I have seen responses that list things such as, a boat, water and food etc.

However, I am going to approach this realistically, and consider that if I was to send my best friends off to a desert island for whatever reason, that it is likely he isn’t coming back.

So what five items would I send with him.

Firstly, I would send a solar powered music player. He loves music, its his one main passion, and without it he wouldn’t be the same.

Secondly, I would send some hunting gear, so that he could make and attempt at survival, because I would never write him off completely.

Thirdly, a beer. We’ve shared so many together, I would want him to savour it, and enjoy it, remembering the times we had and adventures we had experienced together.

Fourthly, a tent, so that he had shelter when he needed it.

Lastly, I might be breaking the rules here, but I would send him with a drug. A single ecstasy tablet or the best joint money can buy, because if the time comes that he accepts he isn’t making it back, I would want him to finish the last of the food he has managed to hunt with the hunting gear I gave him, burn the tent for warmth, and get that solar powered music player on at its top volume. Then, I would want him to crack the beer I sent and take my fifth item I gave him, so that no mater what, I could be sure that he went out having a good time.

Of course, a boat, unlimited food supply and a satellite phone are more logical, but lets think outside the box 😉



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