The Best Childhood Halloween Specials

Are you afraid of the dark – “The Tale of the Twisted Clay”


A Halloween special with the midnight society gang in which a cursed gift from the local witch makes two youngsters wish they had been “careful what they wishes for”.

Home Improvement – “The Haunting of Taylor House”


Another hilarious episode from Tim the Tool-man Taylor and all the family. The family host a halloween party, and tim has a special haunted DIY surprise planned in the family basement.

8 Simple Rules – “Halloween”


CJ takes on a role as head of security for the school halloween dance to try and overcome bad memories from high school, meanwhile Rory plans to pull of a legendary prank at the very same event.

Saved By The Bell – “Murder Mystery”


The gang head to a secluded manor for a murder mystery weekend. However, things start to appear more realistic than part of the game and they start to fear a real killer is on the loose.

Highlight – Saved by the bell – murder mystery, is an episode I’ve never forgotten since first viewing. Home Improvement still provides the laughs no matter what age you are or whether you watched the original show. 


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