Poll 1 – What is the Best DiCaprio Movie ?

He’s my favourite actor, and is continually releasing box office hits. But, which is his movies do you think is best ?

Here are 10 possibilities, but if you think its another, leave  comment.

1. Wolf of Wall Street-  

2. The Great Gatsby – 

3. The Titanic           – 

4. The Departed      – 

5. Inception             – 

6. Shutter Island –    

7. The Beach – 

8. Gangs of New York – 

9. Blood Diamond –   

10. J. Edgar – 


2 thoughts on “Poll 1 – What is the Best DiCaprio Movie ?”

  1. I find myself edging towards ‘Shutter Island’. The character was just so strong, and the mentality of that character was so believable. Helped that the script was solid, but he sold that.

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂 i agree. I loved inception but the whole idea was a little bizzare and there were a few unanswered questions. Shutter island was amazing start to finish and like you say the script was brilliant. His delivery of the character is what makes it though, he was perfectly cast 😀

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