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Netflix Dare to Daredevil


The first thing you have to do when you make the plunge into Netflix portrayal of Marvels Daredevil, is stop asking the wrong questions. There is one purpose of this show and one alone – Entertainment. The show does not suggest accurate and ground breaking Scientific explanations and of course is not based on any sort of fact. Lets be honest, If every show or movie was attempted this we would have no Star Wars!

Forget the questions about how this blind man, can move around the city like a world champion Parkour free runner, and fight fifteen bad guys like he was the man who taught Bruce lee.

Lets take the concept of a typical Marvel comic meets small screen show, but then also take a little bit of “Suits” and “Law and Order”, Mash them with any of the “CSI” Series, and you have Daredevil.

I have just finished the first season of the series, and my girlfriend and I were hooked from Episode one. One of the key performances in the show is Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal of Kingpin, AKA Wilson Fisk. We have seen the type of character time and time again. The tough up bringing, the resulting child like nervousness around the new found love interest, and the “can’t stop myself” temper that when brought together make the perfect villain. But D’Onofrio’s ability reaches further than many.

When Heath Ledger portrayed the Joker in “The Dark Knight”, audiences were taken by his connection both with them and the dark depths of the character. The psychological illnesses of the character were evident, and at no point did you remember that Ledger was actually acting this part. For 152 minutes, he was the faceprint wearing, infamous clown resembling Joker.

D’Onofrio achieved something similar in this part. watching him convey the pain, heartache and at times regret, shine through his emotions and acting ability. He looks genuinely connected to these emotions, meaning even those who the him most will find it difficult not to find some room for sympathy for him, and at times question what his real motives actually are.

His performance at the character made me wonder if his intentions for his city were actually positive at the outset. Did he want the best for Hells Kitchen, and understood that in order to do this he would have to sacrifice his life to a life amongst criminals and danger. That the only way to rid the city of them is to become one, work with them to gain their trust, and then slowly turn them against each other and eliminate them one by one? . Maybe, he got caught up in the power, and similar to his temper, couldn’t stop. Therefore the only remaining option was survival. Who knows, but these thought are only considered as a result of the performance.

I would recommend that anyone that has put off the series because A. they didn’t like the movie ( there are a lot of you), B. Don’t tend to enjoy the Superhero Movies/Tv shows or C. Doesn’t have Netflix. I suggest you see past these reasons and watch. I didn’t have many high hopes for the show, but certainly do for Season two.



A round of applause – Hugh Laurie


I just finished a quick review on the film “Her” starring Joaquin Phoenix, in which I mentioned the actors ability to connect with his audience on a real and emotional level.

I have also recently become hooked to the first season of TV series “House”, starring Hugh Laurie. the huge success of this series, with 8 seasons in total, owes very much of its praise to the man behind Gregory House. Laurie is exceptional at portraying the damage and disabled, diagnostician, who’s best known for his quick but insulting wit. He is hugely sarcastic and extremely smart, and is perceived initially as somewhat of an arrogant, uninterested skiver.

As we get to know House, we start to realise there is much more to the man than initially thought, and that his intentions are indeed selfless. There are so many layers to the man, and I believe it is the Character Hugh Laurie was made to play. The sympathy we feel for a man who is nothing but insulting most of the time, is a difficult connection for an actor to achieve, but no matter how horrible he is, you can’t help but love him and share his pain.

The writers are also worthy of an applause, given the type of series house is, it is commendable that the writers have managed to keep producing story lines for house and the gang, considering the amount of research that must be involved.

This is a terrific series, and everyone should give it a go at some point, even if this is only for the brief few minutes per episode that we see house have to suffer his “clinic hours”, which brings about some of the most witty humour the small screen has ever seen.

All 8 seasons currently available on Netflix.