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Someone Else’s Island

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Someone Else’s Island.”


“If you had to send your best friend off to a remote island, what five items would you give him?”

I have had a think about this one… and I think I have to take a slightly different approach to the many I have read. I have seen responses that list things such as, a boat, water and food etc.

However, I am going to approach this realistically, and consider that if I was to send my best friends off to a desert island for whatever reason, that it is likely he isn’t coming back.

So what five items would I send with him.

Firstly, I would send a solar powered music player. He loves music, its his one main passion, and without it he wouldn’t be the same.

Secondly, I would send some hunting gear, so that he could make and attempt at survival, because I would never write him off completely.

Thirdly, a beer. We’ve shared so many together, I would want him to savour it, and enjoy it, remembering the times we had and adventures we had experienced together.

Fourthly, a tent, so that he had shelter when he needed it.

Lastly, I might be breaking the rules here, but I would send him with a drug. A single ecstasy tablet or the best joint money can buy, because if the time comes that he accepts he isn’t making it back, I would want him to finish the last of the food he has managed to hunt with the hunting gear I gave him, burn the tent for warmth, and get that solar powered music player on at its top volume. Then, I would want him to crack the beer I sent and take my fifth item I gave him, so that no mater what, I could be sure that he went out having a good time.

Of course, a boat, unlimited food supply and a satellite phone are more logical, but lets think outside the box 😉



The Best Advice

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Not for Thee.”


“What is the best piece of advice that you have been given, that you would not give to others. Why would this not work for other people.”

I suppose one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received, I actually understood overtime. I spent a lot of time with my Gran when I was growing up, she took me to school, she picked me up after school, she fed me dinner and helped me with my homework. As I got older she would still drive me around, she would lend me money in slightly difficult times ( as a student 😉 ) and really was and still as the ultimate gran.

Through all of the mini adventures and times I have spent with my Gran, I have had great times and like everyone I have been faced with disappointment, heartbreak, and all those other horrible negatively descriptive words. Overtime I felt I had failed whether it be in an exam or with the most popular girl in school, my gran would always offer me the one, solid piece of advice. One saying that can be made to suite any time that an opportunity would pass you by… “Whats for you, Wont go by you”.

As a youngster, it was just so olden day saying, it didn’t apply to me not getting the lead part in the school play, or that i never scored the winning goal at lunch time football (jackets down, fly away ball out). Or at least I never thought it did.

Then I got older, I got a part as Danny in “Grease” the yearly school play. I got older again and signed for the local football club that everyone aspired to play for, jeez I even made it to the Scottish Cup final ( the Champions league final of my level). We lost, and it was the most horrible feeling I had felt in a very long time. But one thought came to mind.. one look into the crowded stadium stand and there she was… Whats for you won’t go by passed through my mind. It wasn’t to be, and I convinced myself I would get another chance at it one day. We did ..

Once I reached adulthood I started to consider the saying as it passed through my mind.. it had never done me wrong. If something doesn’t work out, it wasn’t meant to be, and I believe there is a reason for that. You didn’t get that job, because there was another job out there better for you, your relationship ended, because you weren’t ready for it at that time in your life, and one day you will realise that. That way of thinking in negative circumstances, has never failed me, heck, I even have it tattooed on my body.

I supposed the advice itself sprouted a way of thinking positively and allowed me to deal with things in a mature way.

I don’t know if this advice would be for everyone though. One reason being, that some are lazy. The saying is not an excuse. It doesn’t mean that for example, you don’t have to go out and work and find that perfect job, because if its for you it will find you. Some people live to this idea, and so many opportunities pass them without them even realising it.

Another reason would be that people who think about this and see it as a reason to take risks. Risks with there relationships or at work, as if its for you, you will get away with it.

I suppose it comes down to fate. Do you believe in fate? I do. But it believe that we still need to work hard, try hard and give it everything we’ve got. Yes, you can argue if its fate it was always going to happen.. but through these efforts we learn so many important lessons.

Life is about these experiences and the lessons and wisdom we learn from them. Thats what my gran taught me. Im not sure this is what she set out to teach me or if she even fully believes in the saying herself. But thats the advice that sticks with me, and thats the advice thats had the biggest contribution to how I approach life.

Thanks for Reading.


Random Entry #1 – What I learned today.


Today I had an extremely busy day in work, with pressures and deadlines set from both my own senior management but also from within senior management of our client. Amongst the multiple requests there were a number of meetings and conference calls to discuss ongoing issues within our contract, and being the manager of a team vital to the campaign I had to attend all.

I have had a number of days like this over the last month or so, and have learned a few key lessons so far.

1. Don’t get over-wellmed – We are all human. Everyone whether it is the new recruit or the company director, all have that one thing in common. Everyone has their limits, and we can only do what we can do. If you are handed more tasks than can be completed in any given timeframe, prioritise ! – you will soon realise that the people making requests have also had request from those that they report to. They are all prioritising and attempting to meet unreachable deadlines. If you pick the correct things to prioritise, everything will work out fine.

2. Delegate – If you are in a position where you have a team or other that report to you, utilise their skills. Learn who you can trust for certain tasks and delegate to them. If the tasks you are giving them contribute to something requested by someone more senior, promote it as an opportunity. Tip – always ensure the people you choose for tasks get the recognition they deserve, name drop them, CC them in that final email and make sure they feel the benefits of picking up your requests.

3. Don’t fear the hierarchy, but be prepared – In attending conference calls and meeting with senior member of a business, in which large business decisions are made, it can be a fairly nervous time if new to the game. Remember, you attending these meeting etc for a reason. You have something to contribute. Be prepared and don’t be afraid to speak and make yourself known. It is a common mistake to over complicate and fear you will get confused or be over powered by others. When you actually attend you will find nothing is as complicated as you feared and usually, everyone is their for a common purpose.

4. Know your strengths – As well as being prepared, always think before you respond or speak up. Remember exactly what other view as your strengths and when this is the topic of discussion, speak up.

5. Prepare support but know limitations – when putting forward proposal, know the strengths and have firm evidence to support. ALWAYS ensure you have studied the limitations and acknowledge the concerns you have considered before making your proposal. If you are on the ball, making small additional proposals in how to overcome those limitations.

6. Don’t over complicate – start with your instincts, don’t over complicate an issue that you have already resolved. Usually the first resolution is the right one.

7. Link – try and link current ideas to previous discussions. Acknowledge previous discussion in current ones, and when putting forward a proposal, use previous discussions to support. This will show that you have paid attention, have an attention to detail and get others on your side.

More to follow ….