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Sundown Strolls

Looking Eastward Along The River Clyde towards The Arc Bridge & Finnieston Crane

Last Saturday Night I was DJing at a friends flat party which ran into the early hours of Sunday morning. I walked home about 5.45 AM and got home about 6am. It had been a while since I had walked anywhere at that time of morning, the last time probably being after one of my Uni night outs or on a boys holiday abroad.

But this prompted a a familiar feeling that I hadn’t felt for a while. I like this time of day. In summer and spring, this time of morning tends to be bright, and theres something calming about the quietness of walking through the empty streets. Theres a silence I am not used to, living in a town centre, I am used to hearing the hustle and bustle of cars and buses, pedestrians and the like, filling the roads and the streets.

But in that fifteen minutes, nothing. Sheer silence. Maybe its the lack of distraction. No cars racing 3 times the speed limit, to avoid. No loud groups drawing attention to themselves, or car horns tooting. I seem to notice things I wouldn’t at any other time of day. Its a unique scene.

I also love a winter nights walk to the shop etc. When everyone has returned home from work etc, to their cosy homes. There are less cars on the road, and theres another calm that comes over the town.

Its an unusual feeling, one thats hard to explain. Its something that just comes over me in those moments, and I could walk around for hours. Maybe its the only opportunity I have to completely control my own pace. Not be dictated by pressures such as work, home, and financial pressures as well as working round others and the traffic etc. No distractions such as TV or internet and an opportunity to ponder around and have thoughts entirely to myself.

I don’t know if anyone else likes this?. What do you like about it?.

Is there another time of day etc that you get this feeling about ? .



A list of Maybe. A list of Maybe Not


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Third From the Top.”

Head to “Blogs I Follow” in the Reader. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into your own.

The sentence I landed on came from –  https://teenontheinternet.wordpress.com

“I’m not sure if this will happen.”.

This one got me thinking.. about all the things I would like to see in my future, however realistic, however silly, all possibilities.

I get married next year, and following that I like most would love to have kids. I like most would also like that promotion at work, which would see m and my family comfortable and financially stable. But I am to thinking about those type of possibilities, I wont want to be that serious. What are the little things that would just provide little moments of delight.

1. I would love to see Celtic football club win a European trophy again. I remember the UEFA cup final, I hear all about the Lisbon Lions, but I would love to watch my team lift a european trophy once again.

2. Perform in front of a crowd. I am a keen guitar player, and I also sing from time to time. I am likely nothing more than average, but to perform in front of a crowd, and have them enjoy it, would be a wonderful buzz for me. Im not sure I will ever be ready for this however.

3. Travel. I want my soon to be wife and I to travel a little. We have been on holidays together, and I have been on boys holidays before that, but I mean proper travel. Tic of the top places on our list that we would love to see. I picture visiting Rome and seeing the coliseum, picturing it at the time of the roman empire. I picture Greece, in the time of those ancient philosophers I read everyday.

I think of dining in Paris under the fireworks, and looking down agin only to be in New York for new year or St Patricks day.

4. I long for the day I get to wait for my dad outside his work, leaving for the last time, off to a life of retirement.

5. I long to play Football ( Soccer) in front of a stadium of people again. ( this one is already scheduled )

6. I tend to keep a journal. I write an everyday account of my life, but I also write down my thoughts on current affairs and philosophical ideas that I have. I find the ideas help me approach life the right way. I  picture someone finding my journal, many years after my death, and finding it insightful. I want the reader to pass it on to another, and hope that this opens their minds to my way of approaching life and can in any small way effect their life.

7. At the end. I want people to have enjoyed my company, having felt that I was always trustworthy and a person to rely on. I would like people to think I lived my life in the right way.

These are all just thought, maybe one day realities. These are just some of the things, that if lived, would be little extra memories or legacies that I hope in some way would have made my life matter, even if just to me and those I hold close.



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Study Abroad.”


If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?

I have recently gained an interest philosophy and have since started reading a few of the many original philosophical works. I ideally like to read these when as alone as possible, to dedicate it full attention and to allow my thoughts to wander uninterrupted.

I genuinely believe I have already gained from this, and my stressful days appear less stressful when ended, tucking into a good few pages of philosophical thought and allowing this to develop thoughts of my own. It has changed my usual daily approach in which I was always thinking ahead, worrying about what is to come, and to so easily forget why it is so important to live in now.

Therfore if I could choose somewhere to go away and spend my time studying, I know where I would choose …


Somewhere like Bora Bora (above), St Lucia or Tonga. I can imagine sitting on that rock, with a refreshing drink, reading Descartes or Aurelius, contemplating their conclusions, studying the depths of my inner thought  and exploring and forming my own opinions on the world and of life. Yes, this is a different type of study, a different type of learning, but doesn’t it just sound like an ideal life?

I will remember that the past is gone, and is no longer a reality, that the closest we will ever get to what is yet to come, is this moment we are in jut now. The future doesn’t exist until it becomes present, meaning that it is no longer future. I would remember that I control the present, therefore am controlling what I otherwise thought of as my future, and how my past so heavily relies on how I choose to live just now.

I would keep this thought in mind, and as night falls I would go here …


I would drink ( why not ), I would laugh, I would converse. I would become merry, I would slowly think ahead to the relaxation of tomorrow and then quickly remember that I was missing out on the present, and therefore effecting the fun I will have in future, remembering the past ,of the previous night. Doesn’t it seem that time is always overlapping and the past , present and future are all so heavily reliant on the others. I would remember this, and because of that I would remember that there is only one of these three that I can control right now. The present.  So I would converse some more and have another drink.. until the future became present and my thoughts were those of the past, and the sun began to rise.

Some mornings I would wake early, maybe take a swim. Then I would walk out onto the lower platform below..


I would sit with my feet tangling over the side, hopefully with my fiancé by my side and laugh about the night before. Then I would remember that it was in the past , but allow more time for laughter, as why enjoy the present if you can’t allow it to positively effect your future.

Then I would swim out to my rock once more, and move onto the next chapter…

Don’t worry about tomorrow. It isn’t here yet.


Thinking out Loud – (In English)


I had a funny thought today whilst travelling home from the office. I heard two people having a conversation in a different language, possibly Italian. I was thinking how I am impressed at those people who can speak a number of different languages, and some so fluently.

It must take some amount of time and dedication to learn  new language, one that you have not been brought up with, one that breaks the rules of the language you know.

It got me thinking. The Italian couple I over heard on my commute, hear each other in Italian, the same as I do. But they also think in Italian, assuming this is their native language. I think in English, I can so some basic thinking in French, but my mind automatically translates this.

If there is anyone reading this who is fluent in a few different languages, please share.. Do you think in the language of you native tongue? or do you sometimes think in a foreign language ?. What decides which language you think in? .. If you are having a conversation with someone in a foreign language, do you think in your own and translate before you speak.

Thinking about this (in English), is what lead me to my final thought on language with thought. One I cannot get my head around. If I speak to my dog, he recognises certain words, only because he associates them with a certain behaviour. But .. when he hears me say something and he follows the behaviour or action I have commented.. how does he think?

If animals do not speak, and do not communicate verbally, how do they think?. If they do not have a spoken language, then what language do they think in? Do they not have conscience ? Do they not think but only do or do not?.

What do you think ?


Burning Down the House

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”


You are house is burning down, but you have time to save five items, which five items do you choose ..

I think the first item I would grab would be my phone. I like the majority of people fortunate enough to live in a place where we can so easily access technology, rely very much on my phone. I have an iPhone, its with me every single moment of every single day, besides when playing sport etc. It my main method of communication with the world. It is a worrying thought how quickly I react when I feel a weightless pocket, where my phone should be, and how quickly my heart begins to beat in the worry that my phone may be lost. Its sad .. I can admit that.. its more than that.. its kind of pathetic.

Secondly, sticking to the theme of technology, I would grab my MacBook. I often refer to it as “the best thing I have ever Purchased”, which may be a bit dramatic, but its a luxury that i have come to enjoy.

I would also grab my acoustic Guitar. Again, another Luxury, but one of the things that gives me the most joy. Playing music, whether it be to myself or to friends and family, its something I love.

It is likely this next item would already be on my person but if not, I would ensure to take my favourite watch. The watch was a gift from someone very special. Not only is it a cool ass watch, but there is a lot of meaning behind it and its one of the symbols of that relationship.

Lastly I think I would grab my car keys. Mostly because it would allow me to get to my parents or a friends.

All of the things I have picked are replaceable to an extent. You can get a new phone, or Laptop. You can buy a new guitar, maybe even one with a better sound. The next watch I buy will tell the time the same way that my old one had. However, each and every item (maybe except the car keys), has a personal meaning to it.

The phone because there are so many memories stored on it. Pictures and videos from time with friends and family, pictures that may not be recoverable if not on the phone ( I’m not a frequent user of I Cloud). The laptop, because it was the first expensive purchase I made entirely on my own, without any support, and now on a full earning wage. I was something I had always wanted. The guitar because it was my first “Real Guitar”. The first guitar I really made music on, and the first guitar that my family finally believed that our family wasn’t cursed when it comes to musical instruments. The watch speaks for itself.. it has great sentimental value.

There are probably far more efficient or exciting things I could have chosen.. but these are the items that come to mind ..

What would you choose ? …


Give up tomorrow – “Paco Larranaga” – Netflix


I have an interest in documentaries, usually I will watch those in the crime genre, and within this, those that explore serial killers, murders and the court trials that follow. I just finished watching “Give up Tomorrow” on Netflix, a documentary that explores the prosecution of Juan “Paco” Larranaga, of murdering the Choing sisters on the 16th July 1997. He was convicted alongside seven others, however the film focuses mostly around Paco’s story.

I don’t have time this morning to go into all of the details within the film itself,and the arguments it proposes, you can watch the documentary for that, but what I can take time to say it convinced me… I strongly believe the innocence of the accused, and think the evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of his story.

There seems to be so many suspicious circumstances , from the behaves of the judge ( given that his closing statement opens by quoting how the media referred to the case, which would have had him thrown out of court here in the UK for being influenced by the media), to the character of Davidson Rusia, who confessed to the murder, and placing the others at the crime scene and guilty of the crime, who then walked free, only to have an unusual relationship with the deceased girls family, in particular the mother

The mother herself is an unusual character, Thelma Choing, who apart from the unusual sympathy she had for Rusia, has many other unconvincing traits and moments throughout the film.

The story is one of mass corruption, which is so plain to see to anyone watching the events, but we never see real justice being served. Why when everyone can see that Paco is innocent, has nothing really been done. This one opened my eyes to how remarkable corruption can be, that even when we know the level and outcome this led to, that no-one will stand up and doing anything about it.

Then again maybe I’m wrong. Maybe my mind has been corrupted by the documentary itself, maybe the director behind it needed a story and left out the concrete evidence. I don’t think so, not in this case. There is too much that supports Paco’s innocence.  But its an important consideration to make, as it is always possible. Never juts believe because the source appears to be reliable.

Either way.. I think he is innocent, and if that is the case, what a horrible and terrible crime. Pack will be 61 when he is due for release, he was 19 when convicted. He will have lost so many years of his life for nothing. How many other are there, that have either lost their lives or have not been allowed to live freely, for something they had no involvement in? .. its a frightening thought.

Have a watch, let me know what you think ..


Leave a Comment – Blogging ideas ..


I am looking for ideas however serious, fun or downright strange, to blog about.

Please leave me a comment, suggesting something you would like me to write about. I am looking for some inspiration to start becoming a more regular blogger. Therefore I need some help to get up and running, and I will find my way.

So please anything silly or something serious.. please get involved.


One Question

“If you had to come up with one question, the answer to which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just met, what would it be? What would the right answer be?”


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Litmus, Litmus on the Wall.”

If I had one question, which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person I had just met, I know what it would be…

The question would be ..

“If you had to come up with one question, the answer to which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just met, what would it be? What would the right answer be?”

I think the answer to this question, might tell you far more than most others. Can someone really know everything they need to know about someone based on one question? . Should a potential friendship rely on someone getting one single answer correct ?.

I think if I asked someone this question, I would look for them to decline. I think i would look for some acknowledgment that this is a difficult question to answer, as a friendship is far more complex than sharing one particular view.

Answer the question as I just have or respond that you couldn’t judge something so special on the basis of one question, then that .. that ..would be the right answer to my question..

Maybe I have cheated, but thats my answer.


Information Overload

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein
Do you agree?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Overload Alert.”


We are processing information all of the time. We wake up in the morning, and before we even open our eyes, and pay attention to our senses we are processing information. We arrive at work, school etc and thats where the real information starts to flow. Information that also requires attention. Even when we return home and go to sleep, our brains are still working and processing information.

In my line of work, I rely on information. When I work with our clients I rely on information. Our Clients rely on me to solve problems. Some small, some hugely important to both our own and their business. I gather information from a number of different sources, and it it what I do with that information that allows me to resolve situations. The information I receive is hugely important, as this is the basis for many important business decisions, which can be the difference between success and failure, profit and loss, jobs or no jobs.

I try and help develop others within our business, to better their thinking when it comes to gathering information, and managing it. I often find that many of the people I work with are capable of taking a small piece of information and proceed with this as expected. however, when presented with a lot of information at once, they struggle to filter down to the important stuff and set aside the minor details, which hinders their common sense approach. For our business, this can cause very quick problems.

I think this is where I tend to agree with Stein. I see this on a daily basis, that an overload of information can lead to poor decisions that lack a very basic approach. I believe in common sense. I find that many of the people who come to me in a panic, asking so many questions at once, simply need calmed down (and sometime a point in the right direction), and they often realise that they already knew the answer to their own question.

In my position, it is vital that I can quickly source information,  distinguish the relevant stuff and make quick decisions based on this. When I develop others, teaching them how to recognise what is relevant, is the trickiest part, (assuming they have common sense). When they know how to take a step back and not become over whelmed, this aids success.

I would stay Stein has a point, but only in certain circumstances. If you are used to an environment that relies on information (which is more places than you think), and you learn how to manage this, you will be able to take a step back and use a common sense approach.

Information means little if you don’t no how to manage it. If you master this, you can prove Stein wrong. If you don’t, then you prove him correct.

What he should have said is –

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that if they fail to manage this by filtering what is relevant to a particular situation, they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein


Recently acquired

“What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?”


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Recently Acquired.”

I am still new to the blogging game, and before beginning I new very little about it. I didn’t know what sites were the ones to visit, what content I should be writing about, or how to get people to read what I write. But in the short few months that I have been blogging, I would say I have learned a few little things about the blogging world.

I like many others who blog, do so to get ideas out of my head, I enjoy thought, I enjoy asking questions about everything. But once I have had  thought, or my run of thought runs out, everything is forgotten. I want to share my thoughts, share my ideas and hopefully others will be interested in a post or two. As much is it has become a beneficial hobbies, I do like many other still want that one things, that can be very hard to get…. readers.

In my initial pursuit for people who may be interested in my blogs I discovered that there is more to blogging than that. It not all about me !. There are many incredible blogger out there, who write such interesting, humorous and compelling posts. In reading and gaining an interest in other peoples blogs, I have automatically gained more views and visits than ever before, but not through trying to attract them, but for having a genuine interest in their work.

If you truly want to enjoy blogging I believe the trick is to interact with other bloggers, get interested and appreciate their posts.

When I started getting the desire to post, I had little motivation, nothing to write about and could not work out how to get started. I have learned that one, the use of writing prompts such as in this post and two, simply posting more and more will help inspire new posts and uncover new thoughts and ideas.

I hope to continue to develop my blog and hopefully interest others as much as possible in the process. Ultimately I look forward to reading other peoples posts and unravelling new ideas and thoughts to contribute to my writing.