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Mystery Box

You wake up one morning to find a beautifully wrapped package next to your bed. Attached to it is a note: “Open me, if you dare.” What’s inside the mystery box? Do you open it?


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mystery Box.”

(Set sometime in my childhood)

Light shines in through my bedroom window, my eyes flicker open, I am surprised I had been asleep, the excitement that had built in me throughout christmas eve kept me awake thinking of all of the wonders christmas day would hold. I sit up and move my feet towards the floor, but they brush of something on the way down. I look down, there is a box sitting at the side of my bed. Its wrapped !

Santa always left gifts downstairs in our living room, and often left my stocking on the door handle of my bedroom, but a gift in my room was never something I had received before. The excitement built within me, I couldn’t wait to go and get my parents before I opened it. I lifted it onto my bed, analysing the size and shape, what could it be. It felt light, limiting the possibilities.

I ripped the wrapping paper, without any care, the box was red. I couldn’t think what the contents could be, the box was so light. I lifted the lid and looked inside…

I was disappointed, I felt someone had tricked me. The box was empty. Perhaps my sister had been playing a prank, and it had worked. My disappointment was soon forgotten, as we went downstairs to find wonderful gifts left by the tree.

After I had opened everything, I felt truly blessed, I had everything I could have possibly have wanted. Following tradition it was time to give my own gifts to my parents and sister. Being so young, my mum always picked something up for my dad and sister, I just handed it over. My gran would usually help pick something for my mum. This year I had saved some pocket money, and with some help from my gran I had managed to save up enough to get my mum the purse that she had desperately wanted. It was going to be perfect. I went upstairs to get it, from its hiding place in my cupboard, with a fresh burst of excitement. I couldn’t wait to see her face as she unwrapped it. I pulled it from inside the cupboard and disaster struck.. the paper ripped, and the purse fell out.

I was devastated, there would be no surprise, it looked as if I hadn’t went to the efforts that I had. She would love it still I’m sure, but it wouldn’t be as perfect as I imagined. I sat on my bed with the red purse in hand, my head fell slightly… and there it was. It was perfect.

I handed over the red box, my mum looked excited. As she opened it her eyes lit up, her face spoke a thousand words. She hugged me and thanked me, and in that moment not only had I forgotten about all the wonderful gifts I had received, but I realised that the suspicious little box at the side of my bed hadn’t been empty at all. It contained a lesson.. a reminder.

Christmas is not about receiving all these wonderful presents. The true wonder of christmas is about giving. No matter what you spend, no matter how rare the gift, the act of giving and the effort it takes, mixed with genuinely making someone so very happy.. that is christmas, and I could see it in my mums eyes.

I turned to my sister, she looked on in disbelief, and I could tell… she had seen that box before.

A very late merry christmas, and a happy new year.



Best Comedy Characters Of All Time



Everyones favourite character from the aladdin films. He makes the kids laugh but loves to throw in a discreet laugh for the adults. Voiced by the late, great Robin Williams, one of the best Disney creations of all time.



One of the main attractions to the hit films, the minions are simply comedy genius. Hundreds of little yellow henchman whose sole purpose is to assist the worlds most ambitious villains. Rumoured to have served under T-rex, Genghis Khan and Dracula, these little mischievous lot will soon have their own motion picture, which will no doubt be a hit.



Although slightly underused in the movie, Olaf provides all of the laughs in the movie. With lines such as “Hey, Sven? Not sure if this is gonna solve the problem, but I found a staircase that leads exactly where you want it to go.” You have to listen carefully to catch some of his lines, however many look forward to his return in the rumoured short film sequel.



Rude, offensive and sometimes borderline illegal, Cartman pushes the boundaries of television humour as far as they can go. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself from letting out a laugh.



The most common asked TV related question of the 90s, “who is your favourite friends character?”. Impossible to pick just one, both ross and chandler are the comedy genius behind much of the show, chandlers quick wit sarcasm and Ross’s little temper tantrums never fail to get you hooked on episodes you have watch many many times.



“Good Moaning” one of the most popular and simple lines of its time. Officer Crabtree would have just played a normal part if it wasn’t for the deliberate poor attempt at the french accent. Arthur Borstrom portrayed the character perfectly and it becomes difficult to look at him without smirking.



One of my favourites of all time, Jones is the over enthusiastic, a little too old but very dedicated member of the platoon. His tales of the Sudan and reference to the enemies they faced there not “liking it up them” gets me every time. Just comedy gold.



Just look at the picture above, and think of all of the outstanding lines this character delivered.



“Bazinga” – The extremely intelligent, but socially useless physicist constantly patronises and fails to understand sarcasm. We all know someone just like Shelly.



The two best buds that always find themselves in trouble. They always provide laughter in-between the meaningful topics raised in the muppets. Often a good duo when it comes to the sing songs.



Hakuna Matata – The slug eating pair guide Simba on his journey and guide the viewer through their own version of events in The lion King 3, a clever and hilarious sequel from Disney. I wish they would do this on more movies.