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Recent Watch – “What We Did On Our Holiday”


I had never heard of this one. Never seen and advert, never heard it mentioned, then one night whilst trailing through Sky Movies, looking for something to watch we decided to take a gamble. We found a little pot of gold ..

In this family film, David Tennant plays Doug, a Scottish born father of three, living with his family in England. Having recently learned that their father Gordie, (Billy Connolly) has been diagnosed with Cancer and doesn’t have long to live, Doug and his brother Gavin (Ben Miller), arrange an evening with Gordie’s family and friends, to celebrate his life.

However, Doug and his family have something to hide and when Gordie takes the kids to the beach to allow the grown ups to set up for the party, chaos ensues.

The three children put in wonderful performances, and at times you question whether their ramblings are part of a script, or just the genuine observations a rambling child. Make sure you listen closely, as there is so many little remarks you could miss!

This a wonderful family movie, with lots of laughs, a little bit of craziness, with a few tears. It is sad to see wonderful and talented Billy Connelly, starting to show effects of his illness, however,  as always, he delivers a truly heartwarming performance, and reminds everyone of that special bond between a child and their grandparents.

What we did on our holidays is currently available on Sky Movies, to buy and Rent.

Give this one a go..



Recent Watch – “The Interview”


Its one of the most controversial movies of all time, certainly in more recent years. So far that North Korea requested the movie be cancelled and never released, in a much less polite manner, I may add. I decided that I had to see what all the fuss is about, having seen a few “Rogen and Franco flicks”, I know these can be somewhat outrageous,.. yes “This is the End” i’m talking about you.

I initially felt robbed, the way the movie introduced the North Korean leader caught me by surprise, and he was depicted as a man just hugely misunderstood. I wondered what all of the fuss was about.. It didn’t last. He soon became the eccentric and power hungry leader that we see in the news, and I can see why he was slightly pissed about the way the film portrayed him, as well as the way in which they killed him off.

The film has some good laughs and Franco plays a slightly self obsessed, and eccentric chat show host, which  delivers some of the most memorable lines from the movie.

I didn’t laugh just as hard as I expected though, which was the feeling shared by the company I was in. However, about a week later, the movie came up in conversation, and we started to rhyme off some of the lines from the movie, which did lead to much laughter and more discussion.

This is the kind of film it is, one of the movies you watch, you enjoy, but you feel guilty and not enjoying s much as you felt you should have. This is solely down to the hype of others who viewed it before you, and the huge influence the media has had over its release.

Nevertheless, I do think back to it now, and can appreciate some of the classic lines that the movie delivered. Its worth it for that.

For me the film is far from the level of Superbad and the first time I watched The Hangover, but it does have a few of those lines that just get you every time.


Recent watch – “Her”


Have you ever watched a film starring an actor who plays a part so well that, for 90 minutes you start to believe is real, and you genuinely believe the joy and heartache that the character experiences in that short time ?

Director Spike Jonze released “Her”, a futuristic love story, in December 2013. He cast Joaquin Phoenix as “Theodore” a somewhat lonely writer, who discovers a new world upon purchasing a newly released operating system, that, after a few quick questions, designs itself to be your perfect OS.

Imagine apples ‘Siri”, but sometime into the future, and you have Samantha, Theodore’s perfect matching OS. The story line is good, although many question whether the performance of the OS is actually realistic, the movie certainly delivers entertainment on a plot that I myself questioned would hold my attention.

The movie proves that relationships rely on so much more than physical aspects and shows the audience a full example of the ups and downs of a relationship. The script is good, but the cast is the best part ..

Scarlett Johansson provides the vocals of the OS, and to be honest, she sounds like every mans perfect woman. Joaquin Phoenix portrays that damaged, lonely character so well, you can’t help but ooze sympathy for him, share his happiness in those joyful moments. You want things to work out for him.

Once a film connects with you at that level, you know its going to be a winner.

If your looking for something a bit different, and can cope with a minute or two of extreme awkwardness, give this one a go. But please, approach with an open mind.


Poll 1 – What is the Best DiCaprio Movie ?

He’s my favourite actor, and is continually releasing box office hits. But, which is his movies do you think is best ?

Here are 10 possibilities, but if you think its another, leave  comment.

1. Wolf of Wall Street-  

2. The Great Gatsby – 

3. The Titanic           – 

4. The Departed      – 

5. Inception             – 

6. Shutter Island –    

7. The Beach – 

8. Gangs of New York – 

9. Blood Diamond –   

10. J. Edgar – 

Best Comedy Characters Of All Time



Everyones favourite character from the aladdin films. He makes the kids laugh but loves to throw in a discreet laugh for the adults. Voiced by the late, great Robin Williams, one of the best Disney creations of all time.



One of the main attractions to the hit films, the minions are simply comedy genius. Hundreds of little yellow henchman whose sole purpose is to assist the worlds most ambitious villains. Rumoured to have served under T-rex, Genghis Khan and Dracula, these little mischievous lot will soon have their own motion picture, which will no doubt be a hit.



Although slightly underused in the movie, Olaf provides all of the laughs in the movie. With lines such as “Hey, Sven? Not sure if this is gonna solve the problem, but I found a staircase that leads exactly where you want it to go.” You have to listen carefully to catch some of his lines, however many look forward to his return in the rumoured short film sequel.



Rude, offensive and sometimes borderline illegal, Cartman pushes the boundaries of television humour as far as they can go. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself from letting out a laugh.



The most common asked TV related question of the 90s, “who is your favourite friends character?”. Impossible to pick just one, both ross and chandler are the comedy genius behind much of the show, chandlers quick wit sarcasm and Ross’s little temper tantrums never fail to get you hooked on episodes you have watch many many times.



“Good Moaning” one of the most popular and simple lines of its time. Officer Crabtree would have just played a normal part if it wasn’t for the deliberate poor attempt at the french accent. Arthur Borstrom portrayed the character perfectly and it becomes difficult to look at him without smirking.



One of my favourites of all time, Jones is the over enthusiastic, a little too old but very dedicated member of the platoon. His tales of the Sudan and reference to the enemies they faced there not “liking it up them” gets me every time. Just comedy gold.



Just look at the picture above, and think of all of the outstanding lines this character delivered.



“Bazinga” – The extremely intelligent, but socially useless physicist constantly patronises and fails to understand sarcasm. We all know someone just like Shelly.



The two best buds that always find themselves in trouble. They always provide laughter in-between the meaningful topics raised in the muppets. Often a good duo when it comes to the sing songs.



Hakuna Matata – The slug eating pair guide Simba on his journey and guide the viewer through their own version of events in The lion King 3, a clever and hilarious sequel from Disney. I wish they would do this on more movies.