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Three doors – Suggestions?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.”


“You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.”..

For this one I don’t want to suggest the three doors and what lies behind them. I would like others to suggest what may lie behind the three doors I have to choose from. So please, make a suggestion and I will answer as open and truthfully as I can.



Leave a Comment – Blogging ideas ..


I am looking for ideas however serious, fun or downright strange, to blog about.

Please leave me a comment, suggesting something you would like me to write about. I am looking for some inspiration to start becoming a more regular blogger. Therefore I need some help to get up and running, and I will find my way.

So please anything silly or something serious.. please get involved.


The Best £3.10 I’ve Ever Spent


Last Thursday night I finished work around 6pm and as it was a guy in my teams birthday/leaving day, I joined the rest of the group for a drink at a bar in Glasgow City Centre. Being the manager of the team, I had to do the responsible thing and leave early-ish before the rest moved onto a local club, as I had to be in the office the next morning.

I quickly grabbed a Burger King on the way to the train station, and as I passed through Central station crowd towards my train, I noticed a young girl, probably about 18, out the corner of my eye. I looked around her at the crowds of men and woman passing her by, looking directly at her and continuing to walk. I was in disbelief..

The young girl, of similar ages to my younger sister, was on her knees, on the ground scraping through her huge handbag, tears welling in her eyes, directly under a self service ticket machine. I doesn’t take a genius to work out where this is going …

£3.10 .. thats what it cost me ..

My drinks had been £1.50 per drink (student night), my burger king around £6.00. It cost me £3.10 to make sure this young girl got home on the last train that was destined for her home town that evening. But how many people passed her, looked at her , some directly in the eye, and when faced with that quick, on the spot decision, do i help?, opted to keep walking and take the easy option… Everyone. Everyone except me.. I know eventually someone else would have stopped, but how long had she already have been sitting there?

This is all happening just under the huge, bright central station christmas tree. Everyone is rushing around with freshly purchased gifts, Costa coffee is selling Christmas special coffees. Surely theres more to the christmas spirit than that?.

Of course I wil soon be one of those people rushing around with a “sticky toffee pudding coffee” in hand, with a number of bags in each hand ( starting late agin this year). But for me, the look on that girls face when I approached her and pulled out my Debit card and offered to help get her home- that, is the kind of giving I want to be able to do this christmas.

Had I stayed at the bar for another hour I would have had another two drinks, without question, £3. I would never have crossed the girls path and maybe, possibly, she would have missed that last train. Surely faced with that question we could all make the right choice ? … Another hour in a bar, for two more drinks, or leave go home and for the same price help a young girl who is alone and trapped get home as well.

That question is obviously in the context of my evening, but surely there are others who if they thought in this way, had just as easy a decision to make, and opted out.

The girl wiped her tears, smiled at me gave me a hug and thanked me. Then she rushed off and caught her train. I don’t know her name, don’t know what age she is, what her background is, I don’t even know where she had been that evening. I won’t see her again… but she taught me a huge lesson that night, in how I approach these types of situations. I hope if you are reading this you will weigh up your options in this way the next time you get the chance. I swear, its a wonderful feeling to help someone out, however small the gesture is.

Its christmas people, lets remember what that really means…

Help needed!

Being new to WordPress, I have been struggling to work this out 😦

I am trying to work out how to get my posts to show under my headings in the menu bar for e.g. “about, contact me and little extras’  know how to create a new page which I will call “blogs”, but cannot get any blogs I write to appear under this when you click on it.

Best example is if I created a page on the bar called travel posts, I would want any posts written about my travels, to appear under this when clicked..

I don’t want anyone to have to scroll all through my home page to read my posts so want to get them under relevant headings.

Can anyone help with how this is done ?

Random Entry #1 – What I learned today.


Today I had an extremely busy day in work, with pressures and deadlines set from both my own senior management but also from within senior management of our client. Amongst the multiple requests there were a number of meetings and conference calls to discuss ongoing issues within our contract, and being the manager of a team vital to the campaign I had to attend all.

I have had a number of days like this over the last month or so, and have learned a few key lessons so far.

1. Don’t get over-wellmed – We are all human. Everyone whether it is the new recruit or the company director, all have that one thing in common. Everyone has their limits, and we can only do what we can do. If you are handed more tasks than can be completed in any given timeframe, prioritise ! – you will soon realise that the people making requests have also had request from those that they report to. They are all prioritising and attempting to meet unreachable deadlines. If you pick the correct things to prioritise, everything will work out fine.

2. Delegate – If you are in a position where you have a team or other that report to you, utilise their skills. Learn who you can trust for certain tasks and delegate to them. If the tasks you are giving them contribute to something requested by someone more senior, promote it as an opportunity. Tip – always ensure the people you choose for tasks get the recognition they deserve, name drop them, CC them in that final email and make sure they feel the benefits of picking up your requests.

3. Don’t fear the hierarchy, but be prepared – In attending conference calls and meeting with senior member of a business, in which large business decisions are made, it can be a fairly nervous time if new to the game. Remember, you attending these meeting etc for a reason. You have something to contribute. Be prepared and don’t be afraid to speak and make yourself known. It is a common mistake to over complicate and fear you will get confused or be over powered by others. When you actually attend you will find nothing is as complicated as you feared and usually, everyone is their for a common purpose.

4. Know your strengths – As well as being prepared, always think before you respond or speak up. Remember exactly what other view as your strengths and when this is the topic of discussion, speak up.

5. Prepare support but know limitations – when putting forward proposal, know the strengths and have firm evidence to support. ALWAYS ensure you have studied the limitations and acknowledge the concerns you have considered before making your proposal. If you are on the ball, making small additional proposals in how to overcome those limitations.

6. Don’t over complicate – start with your instincts, don’t over complicate an issue that you have already resolved. Usually the first resolution is the right one.

7. Link – try and link current ideas to previous discussions. Acknowledge previous discussion in current ones, and when putting forward a proposal, use previous discussions to support. This will show that you have paid attention, have an attention to detail and get others on your side.

More to follow ….